A/C Maintenance

Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Taking great care of your air conditioning system is crucial.

By performing regular maintenance, you ensure the unit lasts

longer, works more efficiently, and keeps energy costs low

each month. Guardian Heating and Air can help.

We provide the most cost-effective and expert air conditioning maintenance in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas. It is recommendedthat you schedule annual maintenance for the best results.

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

As your central air conditioning system circulates, dust and dirt begin to accumulate and block airflow. This blockage forces your unit to work harder, thus costing more money and energy to use daily. A thorough cleaning or full replacement of the air filter is key.

You should replace the air filter monthly for best results. However, you’ll also want to schedule proper maintenance service. 

Our technicians will examine every inch of your unit, including the coils, ductwork, and outdoor units.


Residential AC Maintenance

Your residential air conditioner is made of numerous parts, all working

together in tandem to provide your home with cool air. An air conditioner’s

filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance to function properly.

Neglecting such maintenance often decreases performance and lifespan

while increasing cost-per-month expenses.

Give us a call. We’ll provide expert maintenance that truly works wonders!


Advantages of Routine AC Maintenance

The following are key benefits of routine air conditioning maintenance:

  • Reduced energy usage – A well-maintained air conditioner uses up to 40% less energy per month.

  • Save money –A regularly maintained unit uses less power to cool your home, therefore increasing savings up to 30%.

  • Extended lifespan – Your air conditioner is an investment. Proper maintenance will increase its lifespan by years.


Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

While you should always call in the pros from Guardian Heating and Air for your annual air conditioning maintenance, here are a few ways to keep your AC system running smoothly and efficiently:

  • Change your filter monthly – Dirt blocks airflow, which makes your system work harder, costing you more money. High-efficiency, pleated filters are your best choice.

  • Keep the coils clean – Spray down coils with a garden hose to remove mud, dirt, and leaves that have been trapped in the fins. Follow up with a foaming coil cleanser from your local hardware store.

  • Clear a path – Make sure there are no plants, high grass, or weeds blocking your air conditioner, as they will block airflow and the unit will have a harder time drawing in air.

  • Check refrigerant level – If there’s too much or too little fluid, your system won’t run as efficiently and it may even reduce the lifetime of your air conditioner.

  • Inspect the insulation – See if the insulation surrounding the outdoor lines is rotting. If it is, remove the old insulation and replace it with new foam tubing to protect it from the elements.


Air Conditioning Maintenance Benefits


The two biggest reasons you should maintain your air conditioning system are: comfort and money. Air conditioners are expensive to replace, so it makes much more sense to spend a little cash now and then to keep it in top shape. Changing filters and cleaning coils is simple and quick to do yourself, and an annual checkup by the pros at Guardian Heating and Air will guarantee a longer life for your air conditioner. As far as comfort goes, we all know what a hot day in Sacramento can be like without AC, so set up your maintenance appointment today!

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