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Heating System Repair

Improving Heating System Efficiency

Over time, whether due to old age or misuse, even the top heating

 system on the market will require professional repairs.

 Guardian Heating and Air can help. We provide homeowners

 with the top heating repair in throughout the Greater Sacramento Area CA.

 Heating repair is not always straightforward, which is why it is crucial you rely on professional service for results.

Your heating system, like your cooling requires a little attention on occasion.

To improve the efficiency of your heating system, prompt repairs and 

preventative maintenance can go a long way. In terms of repairs, our technicians know best how to repair faulty wiring or a broken heat pump to increase efficiency.


Even a minor issue can reduce overall efficiency and decrease the lifespan of your heating system.  No one wants that. We can help!

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Affordable Heating Repairs

You’re more likely to run into problems with your heating systems if it’s old.

 Problem after problem will eventually build up and lead to throwing away

 money on repair. Older heating systems can also use up more energy than

 modern systems and rack up those energy bills. Fortunately, our heating

 system replacement will ensure you’ll spend less money on repair and lighten

 up those bills, especially if the replacement is a new, reliable heating system.

 We’d hate to see you waste money on faulty heating, so don’t hesitate to

 pick up the phone and call us (916) 883-2480

Emergency Repair Service

Picture this: It’s the middle of the night and the temperature has dropped

 significantly. It’s too cold to wander around the house without a blanket.

 Who do you call? Guardian Heating and Air!


 We provide you with emergency heating repair – any time of the day or night –to ensure your needs are satisfied. Yes, even at midnight on a weekend!

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Schedule top heating repair in Sacramento , El Dorado Hills, CA  and

  the surrounding  areas by contacting Guardian Heating and Air today.  You can   reach an experienced technician by calling (916) 883-2480!

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