Best Air Conditioning Contractor

You’re a homeowner. You deserve to come home to your home and relax after a long

day. When temperatures begin to rise, we all just want a fresh, cool environment to

kick our feet up in. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with modern air conditioning

systems. They may be more efficient and cost-effective, but all those working parts

mean more opportunities for error. Luckily, Guardian Heating and Air is available to

provide the best air conditioning services.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

Residential air conditioning service requires an expert hand. Our local team has

both the experience and knowledge you need most to provide comfort and cooling.

With friendly customer service, energy-efficient repairs, and regular availability 

you’ll never be left in the heat for long!

Affordable & Quality Service

As a homeowner, you are likely budgeting for services. We completely understand

this notion, as we are homeowners, too. At Guardian Heating and Air we hope to

provide the most cost-effective, affordable repairs and maintenance in the area.

We recommend shopping around and receiving a few quotes. In the end, you’ll find that

Guardian Heating and Air is an incredibly affordable option for air conditioning services!

Emergency Service Available

Should your air conditioning system decide to fail on the hottest day of the year, you’re not stuck in the sweltering heat. Guardian Heating and Air provides emergency repair services, available any time of the night or day.


That’s right; our experienced team is on-call 24/7 to handle your emergency air conditioning needs.

No matter the weather, no matter the time, know you may call us for prompt service.

We’ll be there!


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Indoor Air

Indoor Air Quality 

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To schedule affordable, efficient air conditioning service in Sacramento CA and Surrounding Area, 

contact Guardian Heating and Air by calling (916) 883-2480. We provide the highest quality service at the right price!